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Cards of Ethernity (CoE) is a digital competitive card game set in the dark fantasy universe known as Aether. Designed for quick, fun, and accessible gameplay, CoE also offers significant depth, strategy, and complexity for more serious players. Currently, the game boasts 190+ collectible and tradable assets. Players can grow their collections by exchanging with otherplayers, purchasing packs or crafting new cards in-game. Select your hero and slay with a variety of different Adventurers, each one paired best with your very own deck of unique creatures, spells, and relics. Every Adventurer carries their own personal trait, reflecting their character and preferred gameplay style.
Collectible Cards
10 Adventurers
Elementals are spirits of the elements. They are the only race that does not have any corporality. Elementals can use any shape and size they want, but will always be distinguishable based on their current element. It is important to note that although they are an element’s incarnation, a single elemental being isn't limited just to one certain power.
In our world, dragons are similar to classical fantasy representations in both size and ability. Full grown dragons can tower above 20 meters of height, putting even the mighty Dragon from Game of Thrones to shame.
Demons are anthropomorphic creatures who’s skin color is determined by their corresponding element. While they may retain some animal features, such as horns, wings and tails, they are distinguished by their hairless coarse skin and gruesome facial features.
Fairies originally were humans, but were corrupted when they touched sacred magic from another world. This magic mutated the humans into the insect-like creatures we see today.
Trolls are a well developed and intelligent race. But in contrast to demons, they decided to pursue the way of nature, rather than chasing magic and mystic knowledge.
Beasts are creatures from both worlds and can differ greatly in size and shape, the same way a lynx is vastly different from an elephant. In the world of Aether, it's historically evident that Beasts tend to form long-lasting alliances with Trolls.


Adventurer of Air

Personality Type:  
Confident, matter of fact, cooperative.
Character Archetype:
Strong and Silent

Hörð from Heimir

Adventurer of Chaos

Personality Type:  
Violent, bully, might make right.
Character Archetype:
Rash, Irrational, brutal and primal.

Enrico de Guerra

Adventurer of Fire

Personality Type:  
Passionate, Strategist. His personality changes in battle, as he becomes more and more invested in the moment.
Character Archetype:
Intellectual, artistic, calculating.

Isgerd Virðiligur

Adventurer of Ice

Personality Type:  
Narcissistic, Egomaniac
Character Archetype:
Reduces all received damage by 1 with her Ice Barrier. After 10th round, freezes attacking enemies for -1/0 once per turn.


Adventurer of Earth

Personality Type:  
Confident. Caring. Brave.
Character Archetype:
Capable Hunter with regard and care for those he protects. Merciless to his opponents.

Princess Aurelia

Adventurer of Light

Personality Type:  
Confident, inspiring, careful with her words.
Character Archetype:
Inspires others by getting things done herself, instead of just giving orders. 
Be aware: Aurelia is really defensive of her royal status.

Adair Natures Fury

Adventurer of Nature

Personality Type:  
Cantankerous, stubborn,
Character Archetype:
Self-reliant and profoundly experienced druid, who bends rules of Nature to his advantage.

André Bonaventure

Adventurer of Thunder

Personality Type:  
Narcissist, greedy, selfish.
Character Archetype:
Cheerful and ambitious man in his prime, André is lightning-fast to deal with his vis-à-vis swiftly and by any means necessary.

Dona Camille

Adventurer of Water

Personality Type:  
Caregiver, compassionate,
merciful, kind, generous.
Character Archetype:
Rumors are, this innocent-looking and ever-protecting Lady of the Lake is the sole reason why some creatures are still alive, while the others are not.

Frode Ragnulf

Classic Adventurer

Personality Type:  
Heroic, willful, brave.
Character Archetype:
Haunted by his tragic past, Frode navigates treacherous seas, embracing Aether creatures as his allies. Set sail for your adventure!

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